Vanilla Ice

Solid White Odd Eye

MCO w 63

NL* One Direction's Infinity Yin
Vanilla 1,5 jaar

Vanilla 1,5 jaar

Vanilla 1,5 jaar

Vanilla 1,5 jaar

Vanilla 1,5 jaar

Vanilla 1,5 jaar

Vanilla 1,5 jaar

Vanilla 1,5 jaar

Vanilla 1,5 jaar

Vanilla 1,5 jaar

Vanilla 1 jaar

Vanilla 1 jaar

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Vanilla 7 maanden

Vanilla is a solid white odd eyed girl. She is born at March 24, 2017 in the Netherlands.


Vanilla is a real lady. She likes to talk and to hug. When a staff member comes home she already greats him/her at the stairs for a personal welcome. She is the hairdresser in the house, she likes to wash everyone's hair even if you're bald. Vanilla likes cleanliness. She likes to lay on fresh laundry to give it a bright, white Vanilla touch. She trained her staff well according to her wishes. She is very charming, elegant and focused on human attention. She wants it all for herself. No person leaves this house without falling in love with her first.


Vanilla comes from cattery One Direction. Her mother Foxy (black tortie tabby) is from a showline. Her father Ghost Ice (white solid) comes from a Dutch outcross line and has the old type. This makes Vanilla a good combination of both worlds. 

Not for breeding:

Vanilla runs and jumps as the best. Still the HD photo shows that she has a mild form of hip dysplasia. Also she turned out to have Patella Luxation grade one on both sides. Not many breeders test on HD and therefore not much is known about how it inherits. Because she has a greater risk of passing this defect to her offspring, we decided to take her out of our breeding program. She lives with us as a happy neuter. Luckily she doesn't show any symptoms and we hope it will stay this way for the rest of her life. 


  • Bear-test: normal hearing on both sides

  • HCM-1 MyBPC3-1 DNA: normal

  • PKdef DNA: normal

  • SMA DNA: normal

  • HCM echo: normal (March 2018)

  • PKD echo: normal (March 2018)

  • Fiv: normal (May 2018)

  • Felv: normal (May 2018)

  • HD: grade 1 (right)/grade 2 (left) (May 2018)

  • PL: grade 1 (May 2018])

  • Bloodtype genotype N/N (A or AB)


  • Inbreeding: 10,5%

  • Clones: 28,3%

  • Top 5: 66,1%

  • Top 3: 50,7%

  • Top 2: 35,5% 

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Vanilla 1,5 jaar