Price kitten

The price of a kitten for enthusiasts is € 850.

The price for a kitten may seem like a lot. 850 euros x number of kittens, that's easy to earn! So it isn't. Breeding is not easy, at least not if you want to do it right. It takes a lot of time and money, and sometimes things don't go as planned or hoped. Cattery Macadamia is not for profit. We breed as a hobby and on a small scale.

The schedules below give you a good impression of the costs that we have to incur before and during a litter of kittens.



Per breeding female:

HCM/PKD ultrasound 1st year € 140.00

HCM ultrasound 2nd year € 120.00

HCM ultrasound 3rd year € 120.00

HCM ultrasound 5th year € 120.00

HCM ultrasound 8th year € 120.00

Fiv/Felv 1st year € 77.30

Fiv/Felv 2nd year € 77.30

Fiv/Felv 3rd year € 77.30

DNA testing (once) € 99.00

HD and PL (once) € 150.00

Total costs € 1,100.90

If a breeding female does not appear suitable for breeding as a result of these tests, she will be castrated.


per litter

Per 4 kittens:

Stud fee (average) € 750.00

Travel expenses cover € 100.00

Pedigrees kittens € 50.00

Vaccinations (1st + 2nd vaccination) € 280.00

Chips € 120.00

Deworming mother and kittens € 33.50

Care kittens 13 weeks € 250.00

Delivery supplies € 150.00

Vet costs after delivery € 75.00 €

DNA testing 4 kittens € 396,00

Kitten packages € 200.00

Total costs per litter € 2,364.50

this calculation is based on the positive scenario that there are no complications in the delivery and the health of the kittens.



per litter:

Purchase breeding female* € 500.00

Travel costs purchase * € 60.00

Health tests* €366.96

Cost of a nest € 2,364.50

Total costs per litter € 3,291.46

costs per kitten €822.86

*Assuming that a breeding female has 3 litters, we divide the costs by 3

The following costs are not included in this calculation:

- food, litter and care

- vet visits for vaccinations, castration and any health problems

- toys, scratching post, travel basket, litter box

- medicines and supplements

- make house cat and kitten-proof

- membership associations

- training costs