At the end of 2021 a litter is planned with our own Neroli & Becker. It is still a questionmark whether that will work, because Neroli did not fancy Becker during the earlier attempts in 2020. Hopefully Becker will be able to win her heart now that he has some more experience. If not, we will have to find another male for her.

Pedigree kittens:

  • Inbreeding: 6.2%

  • Clones: 23%

  • Top 5: 50.1%

  • Top 3: 38.6%

  • Top 2: 27.4%

Possible colors of kittens:
  • Black smoke with white

  • Black silver tabby with white

Both parents have been tested for HCM echo, PKD echo, HD, PL, FiV, FeLV, SMA, PKdef and HCM-1.

Neroli's test results can be found on her page .

Becker's test results can be found on his page .

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