Below is the schedule for 2022. This schedule is subject to the test results of our youngest females and males and when they are completely ready to reproduce. In addition, the schedule can also change due to mother nature. Although it can change, nevertheless, we would like to share our own ideas about this years planning.

Winter 2022

We have planned a litter with Mio and Néroli. We expect black smoke (with white) and black silver tabby (with white) from this combination. 


COI: 5,56%

Clones: 20.6%

Top 5: 48,9%


Summer 2022

With Karishma a first litter is planned for this summer. Kenzie is fully tested for HCM via ultrasound, HD, PL, DNA and fiv/felv, just like Karishma.
We expect kittens in the colors black tabby with white, but also without white is possible. In addition, there is also a small chance of the color black and white and a very small chance of completely black.

In terms of character I expect very sweet, people-oriented and tolerant kittens that are uncomplicated.


COI: 6,31%

Clones: 21.5%

Top 5: 53,8%

End of 2022

A litter is planned for Kybele at the end of this year or the first quarter of next year. This will be her second and last litter. The cat is not yet known.