In the second half of 2021 a litter is planned with our own Indy & Becker. If the parents pass on their genes well, I expect the most cuddliest, sweetest kittens that I have ever had. After a few litters of naughty dragons, this will be the sweet cutiepie litter.

Pedigree kittens:

  • Total inbreeding: 6,66%

  • Clones: 22,5%

  • Top 5: 54,3%

  • Top 3: 41,3%

  • Top 2: 28,8%

Possible colors kittens:
  • Black and white

  • Black tabby with white

  • Black smoke with white

  • Black silver tabby with white

Both parents are tested on HCM echo, PKD echo, HD, PL, FiV, FeLV, SMA, PKdef and HCM-1.

The test results of Indy can be found on her page.

The test results of Becker can be found on his page.

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