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I started my Maine Coon cattery since 2017. My husband and I (Debbie) live at Voorburg, near the big town The Hague in The Netherlands. We both grew up with cats and the love for these animals was there from an early age. Due to my cat allergy we haven't been able to took care of our own cats when we starting living together. Luckily I found a way to heal myself from my allergies. Now we are thrilled to enjoy our furry friends back into our lives.

Maine Coon is our favorite breed. They have an impressive look but are the sweetest creatures you can imagine. Social, gentle and extremely funny!

After doing serious homework and preparations, it became clear to me what kind of breeder I want to be and what kind I definitely don't want to be. Everything I do I try to do with a very conscious mind, with long term vision and with lots of love and by heart. Serving a purpose or meaningful goal based on my own values and ideals. We try to breed cats as responsible as we can, with whole of our hearts, because our cats are part of our family. Their well-being comes first at all times. We enjoy our Coons every day.

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Voorburg, The Netherlands

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