Nér  li

FR* Néroli du Verger Sauvage

Black Silver tabby (blotched)

MCO ns 22

Néroli is a black silver tabby female. She has a lot of silver in her coat. She is born on October 11, 2017 in France. We picked her up from France when she was 18,5 weeks old. We bought her as a friend for Vanilla, who was our only cat at first and desperately wanted a catfriend to play with.


Néroli is a playful and active cat who has a lot of energy. She is very attached to her catfriends. At early mornings she likes to chase them and force them to do their morning gymnastics. When she has eaten she will find a belly of one of her girlfriends to lay next to. She loves to lick toes and fingers of the staff, thinking she gets to taste some icecream. She is also washing her friends thoroughly.

She loves being an aunt and dreams of her own babies some day. She loves to take care of the kittens, washing them and playing with them when they become a bit older. She also appreciates the staff by lying next to them for a cuddling and spinning session. 


Néroli is breeded by cattery Le Verger Sauvage (from France). Her mother comes from an old French showline, which goal was to respect and improve the old French Maine Coon type. Her father is originated from an outcross line to improve genetic variety and health of the breed. This makes Néroli a beautiful combination of the old type of her mother and the great pedigree of her father. Both her parents come from tested ancestors, who were tested negative at HCM (echo + DNA), PKD (echo), HD, PL, PKdef, SMA. 























Néroli carries solid. She can get either tabby or solid kittens, depending on the stud. Néroli doesn't carry dilution and therefor she can't have cream or blue colored kittens. We don't know for sure if she is homozygous for silver, but it seems so since her kittens are all with silver (the stud was without silver). Neroli is homozygous for widebanding.

Known genes: Aa BB DD II mcmc oo spsp tt ww


This is a summery of Néroli's testresults. To see the actual testresults, click on the button "Testresults" below.

  • HCM-1 MyBPC3-1 DNA: normal

  • PKdef DNA: normal

  • SMA DNA: normal

  • HCM echo's: normal (Feb 18, 2020 and Dec 11, 2018 by cardiologist Niek Beijerink)

  • PKD echo: normal, (Dec 11, 2018 by cardiologist Niek Beijerink)

  • Fiv: normal (Dec 11, 2018)

  • Felv: normal (Dec 11, 2018)

  • HD: normal on both sides (Oct 15, 2018, X-ray taken by orthopeed Thijs How, evaluated by Pawpeds specialist Per Eksell)

  • PL: normal (Oct 15, 2018, by orthopeed Thijs How)

  • Bloodtype N/N (A or AB)


  • Inbreeding: 8,66%

  • Clones: 29,3%

  • Top 5: 57,6%

  • Top 3: 45,2%

  • Top 2: 32,7% 

Néroli gave birth to 5 beautiful kittens at March 24, 2019. Read more info at the French cities page.

To view more pictures of Néroli, take a look at her photo album on Facebook.

Dad Mirai

Mom Juju

Dad Mirai

Néroli 10,5 maand

Néroli 10,5 maand

Néroli 10,5 maand

Néroli 10,5 maand

Néroli 10,5 maand

Néroli 10,5 maand

Néroli 10,5 maand

Néroli 10,5 maand

Néroli 6 maanden

Néroli 6 maanden

Néroli 4,5 maand

Néroli 4,5 maand

kitten Néroli

kitten Néroli

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Néroli 10,5 maand