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Black Solid


Indy is a Black solid female. She is born at March 24, 2017 in the Netherlands.


Indy is a caring, social cat. She likes all humans and cats and makes friends easily. She love to lay on you lap or next to you in bed. She follows you silently around like a shadow. You turn around and she is just sitting there staring at you. She is always found next to one of her girlfriends. Her friendships are well maintained by her. She is not greedy and loves to share with them. Indy loves company and liveliness around and is also very fond of little children. She totally loves kittens! She is a born mother and likes to take care of kittens. Even if they are not hers, she cares for them as they were her own.


Indy is born at cattery One Direction. She came to live with us unexpectedly as an older kitten, when the cattery had to rehome her due to personal circumstances. As Indy and Vanilla were unseparable as kittens, we decided to reunite Yin and Yang again. Her mom is from a showline with a modern type (black tortie tabby) and her father is from an old line with old type (white solid). That makes Indy a nice combination of old and new type. She has a silky coat and beautiful profile and eyes and a wonderful character. To deliver and be a mom was very easy and natural for her. Her parents are tested negative on HCM, PKD, PKdef, SMA (and mom at PL) . Indy has been to a show once when she was 6 months old and she won BIS cup (Best In Show) in the category 3-6 months kitten female class (U1 & BIV & nom. BIS Kittenclass).



We don't know yet if Indy carries dilution. Indy passes on the blotched pattern genes to her offspring (which obviously can only show at Agouti kittens).

Known genes: aa BB D- ii mcmc oo spsp tt ww


Below you find a summary of her testresults. To view the complete testresults of Indy, click on the Testresults button below.

  • HCM-1 MyBPC3-1 : normal

  • PKdef DNA: normal

  • SMA DNA: normal

  • HCM echo: normal (February 18, 2020 by specialist Niek Beijerink, March 9, 2018, by specialist Marc Dirven)

  • PKD echo: normal (March 9, 2018 by cardiologist Marc Dirven)

  • Fiv: negative (March 23, 2018), negative (May 10, 2019)

  • Felv: negative (March 23, 2018), negative (May 10, 2019)

  • HD: grade 1 on both sides (X-ray taken at January 21, 2019 by orthopeed Dr. Thijs How, evaluated by Pawpeds specialist Per Eksell)

  • PL: normal (April 2018 vet. J.J. Smit)

  • Bloodtype genotype N/N (A or AB)



  • Inbreeding: 10,5%

  • Clones: 28,3%

  • Top 5: 66,1%

  • Top 3: 50,7%

  • Top 2: 35,5% 

Indy became a mother of her first litter at May 31, 2018. You can admire her kittens at their own page Hattian gods litter. Her daughter Kybele was part of that litter and you can read more about her at her own page.

On July 28, 2019 Indy became a mother of a singleton litter. You can admire her baby boy Sandan at the Hittian god litter.

All her litters will be named after gods that were worshipped by different tribes that lived in Anatolia. They follow chronological order starting with the Hattian tribe.

Mom Foxy
Dad Ghost
Indy 1,5 jaar oud

Indy 1,5 jaar oud

Indy met dochter Kybele

Indy met dochter Kybele

Indy 1,5 jaar oud

Indy 1,5 jaar oud

Indy 1,5 jaar oud

Indy 1,5 jaar oud

Indy 1,5 jaar oud

Indy 1,5 jaar oud


Indy 1 jaar

Indy 1 jaar

Indy 10 maanden

Indy 10 maanden

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Indy 1,5 jaar oud