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Chelly is a Black smoke female. She is born at our Cattery at March 24, 2019 (at the birthday of Vanilla and Indy).


Chelly is realy realy naughty. From an early age she melted many hearts including my own, by cuddling and purring. When she knows you are in love with her, she also knows she can get away with almost anything! She is social, brave and never scared. She even sees the vacuumcleaner as her playing buddy. She can make high jumps just like her mom. When she was 11 weeks old she already manage to jump over a 110cm high fence. She is such a joy to have around and all other cats appreciate her presence as well. She has a good relationship with her mother and she loves snuggling up to Vanilla. 


Chelly is born in our cattery. Her mother is our Neroli and her father is stud Imani from cattery Ashamta. You can find more information about this litter at the page of the French cities. Chelly is named after the French city Chelles. She is the 5th generation of New Foundation (F5).


Chelly doesn't carry dilution and she is heterozygous for silver. She is probably a carrier of widebanding.

Known genes: aa BB DD Ii mcmc oo spsp tt ww


Below you find a summary of her testresults. To view the complete testresults of Chelly, click on the Testresults button below.

  • HCM-1 MyBPC3-1 DNA: N/N (mycatdna)

  • PKdef DNA: carrier (mycatdna)

  • SMA DNA: N/N (mycatdna)

  • HCM echo: normal (February 18, 2020 by specialist Niek Beijerink)

  • PKD echo: normal (February 18, 2020 by specialist Niek Beijerink)

  • Fiv: negative (21-2-2020)

  • Felv: negative (21-2-2020)

  • HD: left normal, right grade 1 (21-2-2020), evaluated by Elisabeth Ball (Pawpeds)

  • PL: normal (21-2-2020, vet. Drs. K.W. Rosenveldt)

  • Bloodtype A genotype N/N​ (mycatdna)

Chelly has a very high genetic diversity of 39,2% which makes her very valuable to our breed. A high genetic diversity gives higher chances on healthy offspring with strong immune systems. You can view her public DNA profile on her mycatdna testresults page.



  • Inbreeding: 1,74%

  • Clones: 16,7%

  • Top 5: 34,1%

  • Top 3: 26,7%

  • Top 2: 19,1% 



Chelly gave birth to the Dragon litter at June 3, 2020. Unfortunately they were born too early and did not survive.

Mom Néroli
Dad Imani

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