Buy a kitten

Are you interested in getting a Macadamia kitten of your own? On this page your will read the basic information.

It is difficult to put a pricetag on our kittens since they are so precious to us. But we do want to be transparent and that also includes our price. The price for a kitten (sold as a pet) is different for every litter and is between €900,- and €1050,- for Dutch citizens. (Contact us for prices when you live outside of the Netherlands or if you want a kitten for breeding.)

What can you expect for this price?

- pedigree and owner certificate of the kitten

- kitten is chipped, dewormed and vaccinated

- kitten has an European passport

- health declaration from the vet

- buyers contract with one-year-guarantee

on hereditary diseases

- both parents are tested negative on hereditary

diseases (test results are provided)

- photo's and video's of the kitten from birth

- basket with toys and other goodies

- kittenfood for the first few weeks

- advise on taking good care of your kitten

- one month free insurance (only in the Netherlands)

- support for the rest of it's life

and of course the cute, crazy little kitten, your furry friend, will be included also <3

Age of moving

To raise and socialize a kitten in a good manner, it is important for the kitten to spend enough time with mom. Even when the kitten is 10-14 weeks old, the mother still has an important task to fulfill. This way you prevent behavioral problems at a later stage of his/her life. Also we like to watch our kittens for two weeks after their 12-weeks vaccination to make sure they don't have a bad response to it. For those reasons our kittens live with us until they are 14 weeks minimum (or as long as needed). They will mostly move to new families between 14-16 weeks.

Macadamia family

When you have a Macadamia kitten/cat you are automatically part of the Macadamia family. You can always turn to us with questions or advise. We also like to receive some photo's and updates of your cat. We have a special Facebook group for all Macadamia family members. Here you can also see how the siblings and mother is doing and all other family members.

Getting an option on a kitten

You can always show your interest for a kitten, even before the birth or mating has even happened. Do you have a preference for sex/color/character? Let us know so we can help you to get a perfect match. We also like to receive information about you and your family and lifestyle so we can decide if there is a good match or which kitten(s) will be compatible with you and your family.

When the kittens are old enough you can pay a visit to our cattery to meet the kittens. Take your time to see if there's a click with one of the kittens and with us. When the kittens are old enough to make reservations, you can also get an option on a kitten. Together we decide the length of the option so you can take some time to think it over. In the meantime nobody else can get your kitten. When the option is expired a kitten can becomes available again. So don't let an option hold you from showing your interest on a certain kitten.

Making reservations on a kitten

When the kittens are old enough you can make final reservations on them. You are most welcome to visit your kitten before he or she moves to your home.

Before placing an option or reservation we always want to meet you first. 

Kittens in evaluation

Sometimes you can see on our kittenpage that a certain kitten is in evaluation. That means that we need some time to decide if the kitten will stay at our cattery. Or another breeder is interested and wants to see how the kitten develops first, before making final decisions. It could also be that multiple kittens are in evaluation and we need to choose the most suitable for breeding. After deciding the others can become available again for others. You can let us know your interest on a kitten that is in evaluation, so we can inform you when final decisions has been made.

Taking care of a kitten

You can always turn to us when you have questions about taking care of your kitten. A Maine Coon has different needs then other breeds. It needs different food and care. Taking care of a Maine Coon is not cheap. It needs good quality food and other stuff like toys, scratching posts, baskets and so on. We trust our kittens to people where we feel comfortable with that they can provide them a happy cat life. Our Maine Coons cannot roam freely outside. A cat run or cat-proof balcony would be welcome though. We find it also important that the cat has another buddy (cat) to play with, preferably another Maine Coon. Maine Coons are very social animals and need companionship. More about our terms and conditions can be read at our buying contract. You can contact us to ask for a copy of the contract.

Buying a breeding cat

For breeders there is a different contract and price. We're open to sell cats for breeding to responsible breeders.

We expect the breeder to completely test the cat and her future partners on hereditary diseases (HCM echo, PKD echo, HD, PL and DNA tests). We would like to see the future test results of this cat and her/his future partners (and offspring used for breeding) published in Pawpeds to help gather transparent information about our breed. 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask us through our contact form.

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